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The long-haul mask hack frequent fliers swear by

The long-haul mask hack frequent fliers swear by

When travelling, it is recommended that switching to disposable masks (either P2 or KN95) in the airport or on the plane will give you the best protection against viruses and other nasty particles. 

These game changing masks are not cheap, but $45 for a packet of 25, but these PPE Tech disposable P2 masks, are Australian made and owned, and come with one genius attachment. 

When traveller Jen Hewit opened the box for the first time, she found a small packet of plastic hooks inside, before she had her ‘aha’ moment. Jen had realised these hooks are, in fact, little ear-loops that allow you to hook the straps through so that they sit at the back of your head, rather than your ears. And if you prefer to wear a cloth mask, then you can still use these hooks with your own reusable one, given that the straps are stretchy enough.

If you find yourself stuck on a long-haul without them, Jen recommends using her Dad’s own secret DIY hack: place the mask straps over the speakers on the airline’s headphones and your ears won’t feel like they’re about to fall off. 

Will you give this trick a go? Let us know on your next trip abroad.

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