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What you need to know about road-tripping in the USA

What you need to know about road-tripping in the USA

1. The speed limit is only a suggestion

The speed limit along most of the Interstate along the Gulf Coast is around 70mph (110km/h). Most use it as a guideline and tend to drive well over the limit. 

2. The inside lane is the fast lane and the outside lane is the slow lane

If you’re super unsure about this, quiz an uber driver or double check with your car rental company.  If you’re a bit of a nervous driver, stick in the middle lane, which is more or less the ‘anything goes’ lane.

3. If a car has stopped on the verge, you’re supposed to change lanes away from the outside lane to avoid it

This is something you may encounter several times. Whether it be a breakdown on the verge or someone being pulled over, be ready to change lanes. 

4. Rental car companies HATE credit/debit cards and will charge you a large holding fee if you use one

The holding fee could be up to $AUD700, so be prepared and make sure your card is fully loaded up.

5. In cities, many intersections have stop signs on every corner

Don’t be that person who tunes out and doesn’t pay attention to detail. 

6.  Also when in cities, cars often give way to pedestrians

There’s no rule that says cars have to stop for people wandering all over the road but more often than not they do. Observe at your own risk and urge on the side of caution. 

7. Parking is always available 

Even in enormous cities like Los Angeles it is possible to park on the street, as there are more than enough car spaces to accommodate! 

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