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Why you should ignore the hotel concierge’s recommendations

Why you should ignore the hotel concierge’s recommendations

When you arrive in a new city and you’re looking for things to see and do, or the best place in town to grab a bite to eat, the hotel concierge is often your first point of call.

As Isabelle Hogan, chef concierge at prestigious hotel The Carlyle in New York City, the concierge is billed to be the city’s ultimate insider at your complete disposal.

“The concierge makes the impossible possible,” says Hogan.

“The concierge can do anything.”

But one travel expert has suggested that there are plenty of circumstances where you’re probably better off taking the concierge’s recommendations with a grain of salt.

“When you're asking around for sightseeing or dining advice, avoid hotel staffers. They're often on the take,” says Time Magazine’s travel expert Brad Tuttle.

“In fact, many hotels license out their concierge operations to companies that get commissions on bookings for certain attractions and restaurants. Instead, find establishments — shops, cafés, restaurants, galleries — that match your taste, and ask the folks there.”

What do you think? Will you continue to seek out the concierge’s recommendations? Or do you think you’re ultimately better off finding your own way?