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Woman's genius travel hack for packing undies

Woman's genius travel hack for packing undies

Packing for a holiday is already hard enough as it is, and usually ends up one of two ways: you either pack enough clothes for a two-week trip to last you 12 years, or you end up with hardly any clothes because you decided one t-shirt would be enough.

But if you’re Karina Judd, you wouldn’t have that problem. The savvy genius took to Facebook group, Meme Queens, to share her clever travel hack. One that requires scientific calculations and mathematical formulas to help you figure out how many pairs of underwear you need to take when you travel abroad.

It started when one member of the group posted this:

Photo: Facebook/Meme Queen

To lend a helping hand, Karina posted this to share her incredible travel hack.

Photo: Facebook/Meme Queen

And if you aren’t quick with numbers, she also created an online spreadsheet that does all the work for you. The only thing you need to do is enter how many days you plan on being away and other tiny details.

So before you head off on your dream vacation, try out Karina’s spreadsheet to help make your life a whole lot easier.

Will you be trying out this nifty packing hack? Let us know in the comments below.

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