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"Not obvious to everyone": Road rule quiz sparks confusion

 "Not obvious to everyone": Road rule quiz sparks confusion

A road rule question that was posted on Facebook has left people scratching their heads at how others have missed the obvious answer.

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads asked who had the right of way with a picture of an orange car planning to turn left with a blue car in the opposite direction wanting to turn right down the same street.

People said it was too confusing straight off the bat.

“Too confusing as you not often see two cars using their indicators,” one said.

“Legally it’s the orange car but if the blue car takes right of way the orange car should yield otherwise there is an accident where people are injured or killed then there is absolutely no point of having road rules in the first place,” another said.

“Sometimes you may get a very busy intersection with built-up traffic behind the blue car, so a thoughtful law-breaking orange car will hold back and wave the blue car through to get the flow moving again,” a third added.

“The blue car is in a dangerous position and should be given priority to get out of the intersection,” another claimed.

The correct answer is that the orange car has the right of way.

“I almost thought this was a trick question because it seemed so obvious. I guess it’s not obvious to everyone – which is how accidents happen,” somebody commented.

“If you can’t answer this one you shouldn’t be on the road,” another concerned road user said.

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