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Deadly tiger snake found hanging around petrol tank

Deadly tiger snake found hanging around petrol tank

A deadly tiger snake was found curled up around a petrol pump at a suburban service station in Melbourne.

The deadly reptile had completely wrapped itself around a bowser at the Coles Express in Nunawading, in the city's east on Wednesday.

Snake catcher Raymond Hoser was called in to remove the one-and-a-half metre tiger snake after it crawled out from under a car.

"They are deadly, you get bitten by a tiger snake and it's pretty intense… they're quite erratic," he told Nine.com.au.

Mr Hoser said snakes will often crawl up the wheels of parked cars and into the engine cavity, and when the car stops somewhere else it will slither away "and no one knows any different".

However the snake proved to be unique after emerging from the vehicle and crawling around the gas pump.

Tiger snakes are the most common snake in Melbourne.

They are often found along the Yarra River and in the creeks that run off them, Mr Hoser said.

However, the expert has warned people not to approach the deadly creatures and said they will usually keep moving if they are not bothered.

"One wrong move by one wrong person is just destruction."