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Food blogger eats protected species

Food blogger eats protected species

A Chinese food blogger has landed herself in hot water after illegally cooking and eating a protected great white shark.

The foodie, known as Tizi, shared a video of herself eating the protected species which authorities believe she bought illegally from a seafood shop in the southwestern city of Nanchong in Sichuan province.

She then recorded herself laying down next to the 2 metre long great white shark to show its size in comparison to her. 

The shark was then cut into several pieces before it was barbecued and the head boiled in a broth. 

“It may look vicious, but its meat is truly super tender,” Tizi says in the video. 

Viewers were outraged at Tizi for eating the protected species, with some challenging her to prove that the animal was “bred in captivity”.

Tizi has since removed the video from her account and is being investigated by authorities for illegally cooking and eating the protected species.

If found guilty, Tizi faces five years’ imprisonment or criminal detention and a fine for purchasing rare and endangered wildlife products.

Images: Weibo

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