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"Get off my lawn!": Man cops spray for hose-based deterrent

"Get off my lawn!": Man cops spray for hose-based deterrent

A man has gone viral on TikTok for showing his controversial way of preventing people from cutting across his front lawn. 

Thomas Lyons' house is located on the corner of two streets, with many using his unfenced front yard as a shortcut to the adjoining street. 

Thomas was sick of people trespassing on his property and trampling all over his perfect grass, so he devised a cunning plan to stop people using it as a thoroughfare. 

Thomas has repeatedly asked those who frequently cut across his lawn to stop and use the footpath, but his warnings have since gone unheeded. 

Taking matters into his own hands, Thomas installed sprinklers that go off whenever they detect any motion, leaving trespassers soaking wet and having to run to the footpath as quickly as possible. 

Thomas shared a video of his unique methods to his TikTok account, after also posting videos of people trampling on his perfectly maintained lawn at all hours of the day and night. 

Many people have divided opinions on his tactics, as the video has quickly racked up an impressive 40 million views. 

Many of his followers have praised his efforts, with one person commenting, "There's a sidewalk 10 feet away... constantly walking over the grass will kill it."

"I was always taught not to walk on people's grass but I never knew why," another person says.

"Also, if they tripped and fell on the grass and broke their leg, I'm assuming they would sue the owner," says another understanding user. 

While many commenters were quick to praise Thomas' efforts, there were also a lot of comments wondering why he went to such extremes to install a sprinkler system when he could've built a fence around his property instead.

"The level of petty," says one person.

"These are school kids," comments another. "You could just put a stone path. It's just grass, kindness means so much more."

Image credits: TikTok @tgunz81

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