Travel Trouble

Gladys Berejiklian reacts to another hotel quarantine breach

Gladys Berejiklian reacts to another hotel quarantine breach

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has reacted to the news of another breach in the hotel quarantine system on ABC Breakfast.

It was revealed on Wednesday morning that an aviation worker managed to avoid quarantine in Sydney and board a plane to Melbourne while Victoria was battling to contain its second wave.

Ms Berejiklian said we have to "accept that human error and mistakes are going to happen".

"I cannot promise that will not happen again. But we do need to do is make sure that anyone who may have been a close contact of that person or at risk is contacted and steps need to be taken and that is what is really important," she said.

"When you are managing that many thousands of people every week, you're not going to have perfection as much as we would all like it.

"I cannot guarantee that will not be incidents like that in the future. Of course they are infrequent. We hope they will not happen again but we cannot commit to that.

"I want to thank the thousands of workers who are putting their safety at risk by keeping us safe and I take my hat off to them. We have to accept the rest."

She also addressed the burden of international travellers arriving in Sydney.

"Because Victoria has been out of action and the other state are not taking any people we are taking 3000 a week and 45 per cent of people who come through Sydney airport at this stage are not residents of NSW so we are taking care of people from all parts of Australia," she said.

"We do that gladly because we have the capacity to do that but also because we are Australians and want to support residents coming back home."