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Grandpa gone wild! 83-year-old involved in police car chase

Grandpa gone wild! 83-year-old involved in police car chase

A grandfather from Perth has claimed he’s done nothing wrong after reportedly speeding through a regional COVID-19 checkpoint without a valid reason.

Stephen Hall has been accused of failing to stop for police and the army at the Morangup checkpoint, west of Toodyay and north-east of Perth after 3 pm yesterday.

Speaking to 9News, Mr Hall claims he did stop.

"I gave him my licence, I gave him everything, 'where you going', 'Toodyay, I'm coming back in an hour or so'," Mr Hall said.

According to the 83-year-old, he led police for over an hour and a half into the Toodyay townsite, before stopping on Lover’s Lane.

"When they found out I was 83, the young girl said, 'you're joking', and I said 'no I'm not'," he said.

Mr Halls jeep is now being held in Northam, with all four tyres punctured.

He claims the police owe him money to replace the tyres.

"I gave them a run for their money," he said.

"They've never had a run like that I don't think."

Mr Hall plans to fight the charges in court.

"I've done nothing wrong," he said.

"But I put my foot down."