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“It doesn’t look half bad”: Fake number plate draws acclaim

“It doesn’t look half bad”: Fake number plate draws acclaim

An Ohio man’s uniquely creative approach to rustling up a fake licence plate has drawn laughs – and some acclaim – from around the world after he was booked by US police when they spotted something a little off with his number plate.

The driver was pulled over in Millersburg, Ohio, on September 2, and at the time a Millersburg highway patrol officer said in a statement on Facebook: “Something just didn’t seem right about this particular licence plate.”

It turns out – yep, you guessed it – the driver’s licence plate had been completely drawn on, and quite realistically too.

“After further investigation it was determined that the driver of the vehicle had no insurance and was driving on a suspended licence,” police explained further, before adding: “Pro Tip: Don’t forget to draw the registration sticker.”

While the ultimate penalty handed down to this particular driver remains unknown, reactions to his creative effort had people on Facebook highly amused.

“I ain’t even mad,” commented one woman, “that’s dedication.”

Another man added “you can’t knock that effort”.

And even more went on to comment that the hand-drawn effort was actually surprisingly well done.

“I mean... it doesn’t look half bad, if I’m being real,” wrote one commenter.

“From art class to the jail house,” said another.

Many others agreed that the police could perhaps have spent their time catching more serious perpetrators.

Image: Facebook / Millersburg Police