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Mother’s road rage abuse sends Gold Coast into tailspin

Mother’s road rage abuse sends Gold Coast into tailspin

Young children were forced to watch on as a motorist screamed expletives at a mother that he would “smash your f****** head in” during a road rage incident on the Gold Coast.

The minute-long length of abuse included low insults like “f****** b****”, “c***”, “c********** dog” and “lowlife”.

Carly Renee took to Facebook to share the clip, later admitting the incident was her “worst nightmare”.

She was reportedly on her way back from kindergarten with her son when the incident occurred.

“You’re very lucky, you’ve very lucky otherwise I would smash your f****** head in,” the man said in the video posted to Facebook on December 11.

Carly Renee said she was driving home when the incident unfolded.

The man reportedly stopped in the middle of Hope Island Road to confront her.

“I’ve got children in the car and you’ve stopped in the middle of the road,” Carly Renee said during the man’s tirade.

She claimed the incident has left her traumatised.

“It brings back so many horrendous memories from my past and to be honest it has shaken me pretty bad,” she said.