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New Lamborghini wrecked 20 minutes after owner bought it

New Lamborghini wrecked 20 minutes after owner bought it

A brand new Lamborghini has been written off 20 minutes after its new owner picked it up.

The car had broken down due to a mechanical failure and was hit from behind by an "innocent motorist".

The supercar is worth an estimated $360,000 and was hit by a van.

Photos of the incident were shared by the Twitter account of West Yorkshire Police in the UK which shows the damage.

The officers seemed to take the incident to heart as they used the hashtag #couldhavecried.

There are no details on how the owner feels, but Twitter users had a lot to say about the incident.

“I don’t even know the person and could cry for them,” one person responded.

“I really hope that was insured,” another wrote.

Some were confused as to why the car broke down.

“Feel sorry for the Lamborghini showroom that sold it! Boy are they gonna get an angry phone call!” one person wrote.

“Mechanical failure after twenty minutes? So my ten-year-old Kia is better than a Lamborghini. Good to know,” another said.

Others hoped that everyone left the incident unscathed.

“Assuming nobody was hurt, I can’t help but find this hilarious,” one person commented.

“The insurance company might be crying when they get the bill ... as will the driver who hit it,” another suggested.

“I hope there were no injuries, other than the owner’s pride,” a third added.