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Parramatta Eels and staffer respond to Scott Morrison’s viral clip

Parramatta Eels and staffer respond to Scott Morrison’s viral clip

The Parramatta Eels have addressed a viral clip that made its way through Twitter after it was posted by the club's sports scientist Tahleya Eggers.

The video took aim at Scott Morrison after their win over the Sharks on Saturday night.

Eggers could be seen crossing her arms, looking unimpressed by the politician who was making the rounds in the Eels dressing room, shaking hands with players after the game.

Ladies Who League took to Twitter, writing: “I’m sick to my stomach. Scott Morrison doesn’t have time for women but has time to hang around with the Sharkies at the footy. I’m disgusted."

The Prime Minister has copped backlash in recent weeks after he failed to meet with organisers of the ‘March 4 justice’ rally in Canberra, however, chose to make appearances at the AFL and NRL.

The organisers were asked to meet Morrison in private, but they rejected the offer and asked that the PM meet them in an outdoor setting instead.

A spokesman for Morrison said there was a standing offer for a private meeting, but the meeting never eventuated.

Addressing her viral reaction on Sunday, Eggers wrote in a tweet that is now deleted: “Proud to claim this one."

“I will not respect a man who has the time to shake hands of men who have won a football match but is ‘too busy’ to attend the March for Justice.”