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"Ridiculous speed": Mum's crucial decision that saved her baby's life

"Ridiculous speed": Mum's crucial decision that saved her baby's life

A mum has shared a decision that she made that saved the lives of her family after her car was hit by a car going more than 160km/h.

Hayley explained that she was driving with her one-year-old son to do a quick errand when they were hit from behind.

“We were in the wrong place at the wrong time,” the mother wrote on Facebook.

She explained that a car travelling at a “ridiculous speed” of more than 160km/h smashed into them.

“Ran straight up the back of us and slingshot our car into the drain,” she wrote.

Both mum and baby Miles escaped with minor injuries.

“My son and I walked away from this terrifying crash a little battered and bruised, but nevertheless we were able to walk away,” Hayley wrote.

The lifesaving decision that she and her husband made that saved the life of her one-year-old was choosing a child car restraint with rear-facing capabilities, which allowed Miles to continue to travel in the rear-facing position.

“...the police officer ‘took her hat off to me’ for still having my 1-year-old REARWARD FACING! He only had two little bruises from the harness in all this carnage.

“If he was facing forwards, the police officer said this would of been a whole different conversation we would of been having and his injuries would of been horrendous instead of minor,” she explained.

She posted the ordeal on Facebook in the hope that other parents would think twice before changing their child's car seat to a forward-facing option.

“Please, please, please keep your babies safe! Keep them rearward facing as long as possible! You just never know when the unexpected can happen,” she wrote.