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Russell Crowe under fire for Sistine Chapel snaps

Russell Crowe under fire for Sistine Chapel snaps

Russell Crowe has received a wave of backlash after sharing his seemingly innocent holiday photos online. 

The actor is currently in Rome filming the movie The Pope's Exorcist and paid a visit to the Vatican during his trip. 

While in the holy city, he shared several phots from inside the world-famous Sistine Chapel while on a private tour. 

After sharing the series of images on Twitter, many were quick to point out that photography is banned in the chapel to prevent camera flashes form damaging the artwork.

Many annoyed online users insinuated Crowe's celebrity status may have been part of his flouting of the rules. 

Sharing the snaps from the tour, Crowe wrote, "I'm not sure there's a more special privilege in the world than to hold the key for the Sistine Chapel and to experience it's glory in silence."

Several Twitter users responded to Russell's post, asking how he managed to get away with taking photos inside the chapel.

One wrote, "No photos allowed though,' while another said, "You can take photos where the rest of us mere mortals aren't allowed."

Another added, "Did you get special permission to take photos at Sistine Chapel?"

One user wrote, "I was there last month but it was so packed and strictly no photos allowed. I suppose we are not all gladiators."

Image credits: Twitter

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