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“Sick to f*****g death”: Magda Szubanski calls out Pete Evans

“Sick to f*****g death”: Magda Szubanski calls out Pete Evans

Australian actress Magda Szubanski has slammed former celebrity chef Pete Evans after he made a social media post that promptly received a load of fat-shaming insults and hurls of abuse.

The star of the Kath & Kim series was featured in a Victorian government ad that urged citizens to comply with mask-wearing orders.

Pete Evans swiftly took to Facebook to slam the advertisement and took aim at the fun-loving character Magda played.

Acting once again as the beloved Sharon Skryzleki character from the Melbourne-based comedy series, the comedian wore a mask and reminded Victorians that the virus was the “enemy” and not the lockdown.

Taking to his social media page which boasts just shy of 1.5 million followers, Pete Evans, shared his horror at the ad.

He has been sharing coronavirus conspiracies for months on end and described the advertisement as “the most offensive and disgraceful ads I have ever seen on television.”

“Enough is enough,” he wrote.

“Imagine if they actually wanted to help people get healthy… how would an ad like that look and sound?”

In response, a number of the chef’s followers took to the comments to take aim at the star’s weight.

“What [a] picture of health Magda is, no wonder Dan picked her to lead his health campaign.,” one wrote.

Other horrible comments called her a ‘cow’ a ‘pig’ along with a number of other sad comments.

In response the Magda took to Twitter to slam the attack.

She called out Pete Evans in the process, saying she was “sick to f***ing death” of skinny people assuming they are morally superior.

“Frankly I am sick to f***ing death of skinny people (yes Pete Evans and your followers) assuming they are morally and spiritually superior,” she wrote on Twitter, sharing a screenshot of some of the more offensive comments.

“#fatshaming me & assertion that fat people have no place in discussion about public health not only insults me but also all the fat nurses, doctors, ambos etc who give so much,” she initially wrote.

“My Polish gran was fat & a nurse & she risked her life to hide Jews from the Nazis #fattiesunite.”

The controversial chef has since responded to the criticism and took to Facebook to say his comment was misrepresented.

“So I post a comment that has nothing to do with what this person has alluded to, and yet the media gulp it down without any fact checking,” he began.

“This is the world currently...but it can and will change in the most beautiful way if we are willing to do what it takes.

“I will repeat myself...the current ads on tv using these people is a disgrace and the most offensive I have ever seen.

“I have always loved madga as an artist ✌️🌈❤️ #factshaming”