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Why you need to get your passport sorted NOW

Why you need to get your passport sorted NOW

Aussies are facing another block in the road … or air … as minimum passport renewal times increase to three months.

After two years of no travelling due to the pandemic, Aussies are taking every advantage they can to enjoy either a European summer or jet set overseas to see family.

But it hasn't been smooth sailing at the Australian Passport Office thanks to the “unprecedented” demand for the necessary documentation. 

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trading (DFAT) has asked travellers to be patient and apply as early as possible to ensure they get their passport on time. 

On the DFAT website travellers are told it will take up to six weeks to get a passport. 

However, people have been waiting much longer, with some even paying the priority fee of $225 and still waiting longer than necessary. 

People took to Twitter to call out the DFAT for the delay in passports, with the office apologising for the delays.

“I have been waiting for 8 weeks for my daughters’ passports, it’s ridiculous,” someone wrote.

“Called @dfat Australian Passport Office at 7:59. Closed. Called back at 8:00. High call volumes and they can’t take the call. Been trying for 2 days. How to follow up on a passport that hasn’t come within the 6 week period?” someone asked.

“@DFATVic @dfat I can’t believe the Australian Passport Office has taken over 2 months to renew my passport and hasn’t communicated with me in any way! I can’t get a hold of anyone and I am leaving the country in 3 weeks. This is ridiculous. Truly ridiculous,” another slammed.

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