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Why Kyle and Jackie O hung up on these absolute creeps

Why Kyle and Jackie O hung up on these absolute creeps

Those who tuned into the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Friday morning found themselves listening to a fiery exchange between Jackie ‘O’ Henderson and two guests that ended with a cheering studio as Kyle Sandilands hung up on them on-air.

The radio duo were chatting with guests Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes, the US-based men behind the Fresh & Fit podcast, when Gaines and Weekes claimed men and women aren’t equal.

Henderson called the pair “misogynistic and egotistical” when they said women in relationships shouldn’t have Instagram accounts, but that it was okay for men to have them.

Weekes and Gaines justified their opinions by claiming that women thrive on attention and receive more attention from men when they post on the platform. 

To drive their point home, the pair drew a parallel between a woman’s Instagram account and owning a car, asking Henderson to take part in their analogy by asking what her dream car was.

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After she hesitantly responded with, “A range rover”, they asked her to imagine buying a brand new one from a dealership.

“You shake hands with the car dealer, sign the paperwork … drive it off the lot … take it back to your house,” they continued, before asking how she would feel if the dealer came back a few weeks later asking to put the ‘For Sale’ sign back on and let a few people test-drive it.

Telling them she understood the analogy, Henderson hit back with: “I own that car, I don’t own my partner in a relationship though.”

“Answer the question. How would that make you feel?” they pressed.

“Obviously I wouldn’t be okay with it,” she replied.

Running with her answer, the podcasters said that is “exactly how men feel” when women post photos on Instagram to “advertise” themselves to other men.

“You don’t own us in a relationship so we can post what we want,” Henderson shot back.

“If you have an insecurity with that, then that’s on you.”

“Men don’t want to be with women who other men have been with. Or they don’t want a girl that is high mileage,” the men said.

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The debate quickly intensified, with Kyle stepping in, telling Gaines and Weekes to “grow up” when they said men could sleep with other women while in a closed relationship.

“A man is capable of having sex with other women while still loving their girl the same, so it’s not that big a deal, but if your woman is out here fielding options that’s an option,” they said.

Henderson shared her shock with the pair, questioning whether they genuinely believed women should be happy while their partners saw other people, to which Weekes and Gaines said, “exactly, closed on your end and open on my end”.

Sandilands deemed their argument “ridiculous” before yelling, “See ya fellas” and hanging up.

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