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Channel Nine presenter racially vilified

Channel Nine presenter racially vilified

Tracy Vo has been the subject of disgusting racial comments while out with her partner for breakfast. 

The Channel Nine Perth news presenter was enjoying breakfast with her boyfriend Liam Connolly when she was approached by a random lady who then attacked her racially. 

She shared the awful experience on Twitter, but said she refused to let the incident put her down after her partner stepped in. 

“To the lady who reminded us that intolerant and close minded people still exist, sorry for ruining your day,” she wrote.

“When you tried to ruin a lovely breakfast I was having with my partner at our local cafe yesterday, you didn’t.

“When you labelled my family communists, I laughed it off.

“When you tried to convince my partner, who’s of Irish heritage, to ‘not be had by this Asian woman’, he politely asked you to move along. 

“He was calm and I was smiling…sorry lady, we won’t be had by you.”

Tracy received a lot of support for her stance with many apologising that she had to go through that. 

“I'm so sorry this happened to you TVo. Absolutely vile,” her fellow Channel Nine colleague Natalia Cooper wrote.

“Can’t believe this s*** still happens. You are a star for remaining so calm my babes. More class than anyone! Sending you love,” Channel Nine Perth weather presenter Scherri-Lee Biggs commented.

“I am so sorry this happened.  It really shouldn't in this day and age, but there's no knowing what people have been subjected to in their own lives to make them think this way.  Love your positive attitude,” another commented. 

“Good on you for keeping calm! Stay strong!” someone else wrote. 

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