Fiery debate erupts over news reporters’ risqué outfit choice

Fiery debate erupts over news reporters’ risqué outfit choice

A fiery debate has erupted over a Belgian journalist and a former pro cyclist, when he made a crude comment towards a young female reporter’s clothing choice while covering the Vuelta a San Juan in Argentina.

Former pro cyclist Sven Spoormakers referred to the reporter’s low-cut top after taking a screenshot of her interviewing one of the riders for television, asking in Dutch: “Is it cool in Argentina?”

The young female reporter was working on the Vuelta a San Juan in Argentina.

The response was bitter and fiery after numerous fans and pundits condemned him for allegedly sexually objectifying the young reporter.

Australian journalist Sophie Smith criticised Spoormakers on his remark, writing: “Seriously? Please tell me this is lost in translation and you did not just publicly objectify a young female reporter.

“Speaking from experience, let me say she does the exact same job as you but has to work and withstand twice as much still because of bulls*** like this.”

Spoormakers refused to back down from his controversial statement, however and shot back a fiery response:  “Objectify, really? Come on. Don’t draw the feminist card on this one. She knows exactly what she’s wearing – or not wearing – and why.

“If I would interview a female athlete with my balls out, you’d be joking about it too. Or calling it a disgrace.”

Smith then incredulously hit back: “So it’s her fault because you can’t stop looking at her boobs?

Sven Spoormakers competing in the Amstel Curacao Race 2010.

“What’s she meant to do, wear a potato sack so you don’t get excited?

“If I take a picture of you at work, post it and comment on how small your d**k looks in a pair of shorts would you be all right with that?”

British reporter Ned Boulting added his opinion to the conversation to lend his support, quoting one of Smith’s tweets and writing: “Over and over and over again, my female colleagues have to defend themselves from institutional disrespect.

“I take your voice, Sophie, and I add mine.”

Spoormakers’ tweets were also taken by upset fans, with one writing: “Mate, she’s wearing a top. That’s it. What’s the problem? Jesus Christ you’re a dinosaur.”

Another added: “She isn’t exposed in any way Sven. You commented inappropriately as if her body is available for you to simply discuss. That’s objectifying her. Not cool.”

While another person on social media added: “Absolutely frustrating. @SvenSpoormakers your comment is inappropriate.

“We are more than the clothes we wear. If you can’t understand why your comment is inappropriate I suggest getting some training around sexism.”