Hamish Blake’s stark admission on Lego Masters: “It’s a MasterChef trick”

Hamish Blake’s stark admission on Lego Masters: “It’s a MasterChef trick”

Lego Masters’ cheeky host Hamish Blake may have just caused another reason for his show and rival program MasterChef to clash after admitting they had pinched a “trick” from the Network 10 cooking show.

Towards the end of Monday night’s episode, two teams went head-to-head as they were forced to battle it out and build a realistic logo model.

While elimination loomed over their head and the contestants raced to meet their deadline, Hamish and the rest of the team looked down on them from a constructed platform metres away.

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It’s a set-up avid MasterChef watchers might be familiar with.

“Under the rules of reality television, during a head-to-head build, anyone who’s safe must be elevated off the floor,” Blake explained.

“No-one knows why that’s the rule, but it certainly adds a lot of pressure!”

As the build continued, Blake cheekily mentioned the elephant in the room: “What, it’s like MasterChef?” he whispered to the contestants. “No it’s not! No it’s not!”

Blake also went on to say in an interview shown on the program: “Making them go head-to-head, with everyone watching? That’s not a ‘MasterChef trick’, that’s just a TV thing …”

Then Blake pretended to speak to an off-camera producer:

“What’s that? Did MasterChef invent it, did they? Did you work on MasterChef? Did you really? Five seasons? Which ones? Oh, Poh!”

“Yep, it’s a MasterChef trick.”

Both Lego Masters and MasterChef are receiving incredible ratings this season, with the two shows pulling in more than a million viewers per episode.