Piers Morgan admits he took Meghan Markle criticism “too far”

Piers Morgan admits he took Meghan Markle criticism “too far”

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has confessed that he may have “taken things a bit too far” in his criticism of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex over the last two years.

The controversial British figure has taken aim at Meghan Markle on a number of occasions, even going as far of “ditching” her family.

He tweeted in January: “People say I'm too critical of Meghan Markle — but she ditched her family, ditched her Dad, ditched most of her old friends, split Harry from William and has now split him from the Royal Family. I rest my case.”

Morgan even stirred up a feud with actress Jameela Jamil over the duchess after voicing his vicious opinions on the royals.

He has since backtracked on his comments, admitting that his regular criticism of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex weren't "wise".

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"It's probably not wise, if you're a columnist, to make things too personal," he admitted to The Sunday Times.

"Have I taken things a bit too far? Probably. Do I think that will govern and temper how I talk about them going forward? Absolutely."

Morgan has been accused of holding a personal grudge against the duchess, whom he allegedly had a friendly relationship with before she joined the royal family.

He claimed she "ghosted" him and abandoned their friendship after meeting Prince Harry.

The presenter also confessed that "boredom" has played a role in his attitude towards the royals.

"It's times of relative peace, calm, quiet and dare I say boredom that might occasionally bring out the worst in me," he admitted. "Having squabbles with people who are never going to change their mind in a million years about stuff that no longer seems remotely important."