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Father offers 20 homes to help lure wife for son

Father offers 20 homes to help lure wife for son

A father desperate for his son to get married has gifted him 20 homes in hopes of luring a wife. 

The dad, from Hebei Province in China, arrived at a matchmaker event carrying a pink bag filled with the estates to show off to potential wives for his 24-year-old son. 

Footage of the moment was shared on popular chat service Weibo with Wang, who signed up the father to the service claiming he was not showing off.

“The father is not trying to show off. He just wanted to display his sincerity and find a daughter-in-law of equal status,” Wang told Jimu News.

“He said his son has a stable job and has many good qualities.”

Some people however said the father was taking it a bit too far and his son might feel pressured into something he doesn’t want. 

“That kind of pressure is a bit too much. Maybe the son doesn’t even want to get married,” one person wrote.

“How bad is his son? Do good guys really have this much difficulty finding a girlfriend?” someone asked.

“How’s this supposed to help? They are premarital property by law,” another commented.

“Would the father add the name of his daughter-in-law to the property ownership certificates? All of the certificates?” another questioned.

China has recently allowed married couples to have three children instead of one to help increase the population. 

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