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How a Brisbane nurse made $350k in 3 months on the side

How a Brisbane nurse made $350k in 3 months on the side

A young nurse from Brisbane was determined to rid the ocean of plastic waste and has made upwards of 350,000 selling hammocks made from recycled bottles.

As Tegan Gilroy, 28, scuba dived around the world, she was horrified by the amount of plastic waste in the ocean and launched Nakie in September 2019.

Nakie is an online range of campaign equipment 'upcycled' from landfill.

She still works 12-hour shifts at a hospital in Brisbane three days a week, which she says leaves "plenty of time" to run her website on the side.

Each $129 hammock is made from 37 plastic containers recovered from landfill, an approach Ms Gilroy claims have "saved 118,992 bottles going into our waterways".

"As someone who loves the ocean I hate seeing how much plastic is tumbling along the ocean floor and washing up along our beaches," she told Daily Mail Australia. 

She also plants four trees for every item purchased in a partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, which has planted over 350 million saplings to date.

The best selling style from Nakie is a two-person hammock with built-in straps, with customers raving about the quality and affordability of the hammocks. 

"Every one of my friends and family who have napped, relaxed or read in the Nakie absolutely loved it," a happy customer raved.

"Super easy to put up and take down and packable, which I love! Love this company."

Another said: "It's a great hammock and a killer deal. Higher weight limit than similar brands and about half the price if you were to piece together the hammock, straps, bug net and rain tarp."

Photo credits: Daily Mail Australia