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Price hike hits Bunnings institution for first time in 15 years

Price hike hits Bunnings institution for first time in 15 years

The cost of living crisis is continuing to hit Australians where it hurts - this time targeting a sacred weekend institution. 

The beloved Bunnings sausage sizzle has been hit with a cost increase for the first time in 15 years, after what the store chain said was extensive feedback from community groups.

The humble sausage sizzles have been a staple of a weekend trip to Bunnings for more than 25 years, with not-for-profits, community groups, and charities all using them as an opportunity to fundraise.

However, as the cost of groceries continues to rise, these groups say there is a significant downturn in their profits after the barbecue gets turned off. 

After forking out the extravagant cost of sausages, bread, onions and sauces, these community groups are left struggling to come out on top. 

And so, from Saturday July 23rd, people lining up for a sausage will have to hand over $3.50 instead of the previous price of $2.50. 

Onions will still be a cost-free option, and drinks will stay steady at $1.50.

All the money raised goes straight to the group running the sizzle, so it's at least for a good cause.

"It's been an incredibly difficult couple of years with the lack of fundraising opportunities and the pressure on community group services and support continues to be a growing need in our wider community," Bunnings Group managing director Mike Schneider said.

"The sausage sizzle will always be a community led initiative and we have listened and responded in a way we hope allows groups to maximise fundraising efforts, whilst still giving customers a simple way to support their local community."

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