Family suing after routine surgery leaves daughter brain damaged

Family suing after routine surgery leaves daughter brain damaged

A heartbroken family are suing a Melbourne hospital after their eight-year-old daughter suffered brain damage during a routine operation.

Taylah Burns went into hospital for surgery in November 2019 after she was suffering from headaches and a cyst was found on her brain.

The brain surgery was meant to drain the cyst but did not work.

After attempting the surgery for a second time to insert a shunt, Taylah emerged a different child from the operation as she suffered irreparable brain damage.

“She doesn’t talk anymore, she doesn’t interact - she just sort of lays in the bed,” Taylah’s mother Melanie Burns told 7NEWS.

“There is very little recovery, we have been told. We’ll get some things back, but the things we’ll get back will be at a different level,” father Cameron said.

The family are now suing Monash Children’s Hospital for negligence.

“A full review involving an external expert will be established, and Safer Care Victoria has been advised,” Monash Health said in a statement.

The family are also struggling with the financial strain after the injury as both their home and car will now need to be wheelchair accessible.

They have launched a GoFundMe page for financial support, and at time of writing, have raised over $40,000 for the treatment she needs.

Photo credits: 7News