"Made me smile": Kmart's heartwarming gesture to expecting mum

"Made me smile": Kmart's heartwarming gesture to expecting mum

A woman has shared her surprise at the heartwarming discovery inside her Kmart delivery.

Jaimie Leigh from NSW said she was humbled when she opened up the box to find a note inside from the employee who had packed the maternity singlets she had ordered.

The note read: “If you haven’t been told today I am proud of you,” with a love heart added at the end.

The message was written by Bec, who signed her name along with a love heart.

"I had just ordered some maternity singlets as I’m getting ready to have my first child,” Leigh told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“I thought it was lovely and a sweet thing to get from a stranger.”

Leigh said it brought a smile to her face and brightened up her day.

She took to Facebook to share a photo of the note with the caption: "I got some stuff delivered today. I opened it up to find this in it. Thanks Bec.”

People online loved Bec’s gesture, with one saying: “We need more Bec’s in the world”.

“Employee of the month right there,” another wrote, while another person wrote: “Something as simple as this will put a smile on your dial all day.”

Another person said they had also received a note in their Kmart delivery.

“I had a little note that said have a great day made me smile because I was actually having a shit day with my depression,” they wrote.