Mum builds mini-bathroom for her toddler

Mum builds mini-bathroom for her toddler

Image: TikTok

Getting your kids ready in the morning can often feel like an impossible task. Especially when they get to an age where they want to do everything themselves. Including getting dressed, brush their own teeth, put their own shoes on and so on.

This genius mum has come up with a clever way to speed up the process - her toddler's own mini bathroom station. Jacqui has wowed parents online with a video on her TikTok showcasing the custom station she put together for her toddler that allows him to get ready independently.

In the video the mum shows just how she transformed one corner of her bathroom into a small station for her son using some wallpaper, a mini mirror and containers.

She then applied the fun pattern wallpaper to a section of the wall next to the bathroom door to section off the area for her child.

Next, she hung a small black mirror on the wall and underneath a few containers filled with her son's essentials including his toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and a small towel.

"Made a little get ready station for my toddler today", the mum wrote in the video.

Jacqui said she bought everything she needed from Amazon and Target and put it together while her little one was sleeping.

"This is absolutely precious. Such a good idea", one person commented on the video.

Another said, "My get ready station isn't even this nice!".

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