Mum shocked by heartwarming letter from Bunnings

Mum shocked by heartwarming letter from Bunnings

A mum shared the unexpected surprise she received from her "neighbour" after putting up her Christmas lights.

The NSW mum decorates her home every year with a range of lights and festive figurines, which delights her neighbours and community.

She went bigger and better this year for her kids, aged 6 5, and 3, and was surprised to receive a letter from one of her neighbours.

“We put lights out every year but this year I went to a little more effort,” she wrote in the Bunnings Mum Facebook group.

“Having Christmas lights out and driving around looking at everyone else’s brings the kids and I so much joy.”

She posted a letter from her local Bunnings, which thanked her for her festive display.

“Thank you for brightening our area with your amazing Christmas lights,” the letter read.

“Your display has brought great joy to many of our Team Members so we would like to say thank you and present you with a voucher.

“We all hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.”

The note was signed from the "team at Bunnings Glendale" and came with a $10 gift card.

People were thrilled with the effort.

“Aww how lovely of them. Good ole’ Bunnings,” one said.

“That’s lovely of Bunnings to acknowledge your effort,” another wrote.

“What a thoughtful and smart initiative,” someone else agreed.

Photo credits: news.com.au