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"I struggle": Grant Denyer reveals serious health issue

"I struggle": Grant Denyer reveals serious health issue

Grant Denyer has opened up about his “fear of not being liked” and “not being good enough” in a candid post.

The Gold Logie winner has had to resort to meditation as he continues to struggle with his mental health.

He shared an image of himself meditating explaining that this is him “flawed” and how he is fighting to be more accepting of himself.

“Meditation isn’t easy for me but it certainly does chill me out more. I really suffer from a racing mind that makes a hell of a lot of noise,” his post began.

“My self talk can get pretty savage, I beat myself up, worry about the future, hang on to regrets about the past and get bogged down in fear.

“Fear of failure, fear of not being liked, not being good enough. Generally a busy mind that makes it hard to be present for those around me”

The TV presenter said his mind is constantly racing and it’s sometimes a struggle to enjoy the moment while being bogged down mentally.

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“Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the moment with all that mental distraction,” he continued.

“I am a work in progress. I suffer from perfectionism but with stuff like mediation or self improvement I don’t aim for perfection, just progress.

“That is enough. And I go backwards plenty too.

“This is not meant to be a preach or a ‘look at how balanced I am’ - it’s an ‘I’m flawed, I have many weaknesses, I struggle’… and I hear you, if you do too.”

Denyer is not one to shy away from describing his struggles and had previously spoken about it when he won Dancing With The Stars with his dance partner Lily Cornish.

“I’ve spent my life being a smiley television host that pretends everything is OK,” a teary Grant said.

“That is not real life. It’s OK to struggle. It’s OK to hurt. It’s OK to reach rock bottom because you can come out of it, you can climb out of it with a bit of love and a little bit of help, and that was the case for me.

“I was living the career I had always dreamed of, jumping out of helicopters and wrestling crocodiles. But I'd broken my back and my body was breaking down and I hit a wall.

Grant suffered through a painkiller addiction after breaking his back in a terrifying truck accident in 2008 which left him with his vertebrae broken in 11 pieces.

“I've said it before, my family saved my life. And that will be the thread that weaves this dance together.

“One thing I have learnt is that it's OK to make mistakes. It’s OK to fail and that’s a part of being human.

“Whilst that was a very dark period and a hard dance thing to kind of dance to, I just put one foot in front of the other and I’ve climbed my way out of that hole.

“I feel a lot of healing here done tonight. That’s probably why it’s so emotional.

“I know it’s just a dance and dance maybe isn’t important but it’s important to me and this was important to me, and I feel like I can kind of close that chapter with a little bit of love and forgiveness.”

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