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Michael Buble admits he’s received “a lot” of death threats following controversy

Michael Buble admits he’s received “a lot” of death threats following controversy

Michael Buble has admitted he and his wife were targeted by disgruntled fans after a video showing the singer nudging his partner with his elbow sparked a major controversy.

The Canadian star appeared alongside Luisana Lopilato on Instagram to chat to fans back in April.

However many supporters became concerned when he appeared to interrupt and grab her.

The singer's representative put out a statement calling the controversy "a failed effort of cyber bullying".

Speaking on Argentinian TV show Intrusos, Luisana revealed that while the couple received support over stories surrounding the event, there were a lot of hateful comments too.

"We received a lot of love from people but you wouldn't believe the amount of people who sent me photos with weapons saying they were going to kill Mike when he reached Argentina, photos of knives from people laughing and saying they were going to cut off his fingers, leave a bomb for us or give him a beating," she said.

"It made me afraid and I still feel a little bit frightened."

Luisana went on to add: "It's not nice to receive death threats. There were a lot of threats. The positive messages we received outnumbered them but I am worried for my family. I suffered a lot with what happened."

"It caused Mike a lot of pain too. He loves Argentina and he loves being with me in Argentina when I'm working.

"He loves the friends he has in Argentina. Can you imagine what it feels like to receive a photo from Argentina of a youngster holding a weapon and the warning: 'This is what you're going to get when you come here!'"

Buble says he is the victim of a “fake news” campaign.

"Mike is a gentleman who is always concerned with trying to make me even more happy than I already am,” Luisana said.