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"Can't unsee this": Baby's rude PJs leave mum in hysterics

"Can't unsee this": Baby's rude PJs leave mum in hysterics

Anna Armstrong, UK mum, has been left in hysterics after she realised a pair of pyjamas she bought for her son had a rather rude design on the front.

She bought them for $7 and didn't realise the mistake until she came home.

"I didn't notice the blue ones until I got home and put them on him, " she tells Essential Baby.

"I thought it was pretty obvious and had a good giggle and then sent a pic to my fiancé who was at work. He laughed too!"

She found the funny side in it all and shared the incident on Facebook with her friends.

"Has anyone else got this outfit from Sainsbury's for their little one?

Didn't notice till I got him dressed this morning but now I can see why it was in the sale. Oops."

Luckily she wasn't the only one, with some commenting that they bought the pyjamas as well!

"No, but we have the sleepsuits with the same lion on. It just looks like it is covered in little willies."

"I saw it right away before I even read what you said," laughed another.

The design can also be found on sleepsuits and bibs.

Photo credits: Essential Baby