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Chezzi Denyer shares sweet snap of baby bump

Chezzi Denyer shares sweet snap of baby bump

Chezzi Denyer has shared the first snap of her baby bump on Instagram.

She's due to give birth at the start of next year.

"Happy Father's Day to the main man in our lives @grantdenyer who makes everyday feel special! ❤️," Chezzi captioned the post.

Delighted fans flooded the post with well wishes.

"Bump! 😊 Love how Sailor & Scout's hands are making a little heart shape on your belly," one user wrote.

"Beautiful photos you lovelies 🌟you are in my thoughts ❤️ Chezzi you look amazing 🌸," another commented.

She's also spoken candidly about her battle with extreme morning sickness, also known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

"I've had it each pregnancy. With the girls I got bad about 8 weeks... but this time much earlier. Can't keep food or water down. Profusely vomiting. Severe nausea. Feeling faint and dizzy. Waking through the night to throw up," Chezzi admitted in a candid Instagram post.

She explained that the sickness has left her bedridden for the last two months.

"I've been literally bed ridden for over 8 weeks now suffering from HG... with my respite being thrice weekly trips to my local hospital for fluids and anti-vomit medications," she said.

"I cannot give enough praise to my local ambulatory care team of nurses and doctors, who have helped get me this far. They've become my friends these past few months. They make me smile and laugh when I feel so terrible, and I adore them!"