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Richard Wilkins' adorable new family member

Richard Wilkins' adorable new family member

Weekend Today star Richard Wilkins and his partner, Nicola Dale, have welcomed an adorable new member to their brood after debuting their romance just nine months ago.

The 66-year-old took to Instagram to share the exciting news that the pair are now proud parents to a beautiful 10-week old puppy named Fred.

"Delighted to announce a new member of our ever-expanding family," he wrote. "We love you Fred ... and look forward to many wacky adventures."

Dog dad Richard posted a sweet snap of the pooch rocking a red bone-shaped tag on his collar as he kept warm by the living room fireplace.

The next day, Richard updates fans on how Fred was settling in, and by the looks of it, it's going well.

He uploaded a pic of the pup sitting on his lap by the pool while a row of cockatoos looked across the water.

"Fred’s first night at his new home... some of the locals dropped around to say G’Day...

"He’s very advanced... even has his own Insta @fredthecobberdog."

Fred's Instagram bio states that he is an Australian Cobberdog which is another name for a pure breed Labradoodle, hence his short, curly coat.

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