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Terri Irwin says family found "meaning of life" after Steve's passing

Terri Irwin says family found "meaning of life" after Steve's passing

A 2019 interview has resurfaced about how close the Irwin family are and how the passing of father Steve, 44, brought them closer together.

Terri, 56, revealed that the tragic death of her husband made the bonds between the family even stronger and built the foundation for a family tie that is incredibly close.

"We are a family who works together, lives together and holidays together – we spend almost every moment in each other's company, whether it's at Australia Zoo or on one of our conservation properties here in Australia or making a documentary somewhere in Africa, so it's vitally important that we have great relationships – and we do," says Terri to Now To Love.

"We communicate well, and I think it's a natural effect of losing Steve. I think we became closer and stronger as a family and we have developed this awareness that allows us to truly value the people closest to us even more than we already did.

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"It's sad that it takes a tragedy such as Steve's death to amp that up in your life, but it does make you want to live every day to the fullest and appreciate the people you love. I'm the first to admit that I can be a little overwhelming sometimes, but I have a saying that I think is very true. It's that the meaning of life is unconditional love and that's what we have for each other."

The bonds between Bindi, 22 and her 17-year-old brother Robert have only become stronger as Bindi announced she was expecting with husband Chandler Powell.

The couple recently said that they are waiting to meet their daughter before they name her.

"We are waiting to meet her before we decide on a name. We want to hold her and make sure the name that we choose fits her perfectly,” she said.

“We have been looking through family history on both my side and Chandler’s side for family name inspiration.

“Once she arrives I think we’ll know exactly what to name her.”