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Woman who was adopted as a baby finds out she is a real life princess

Woman who was adopted as a baby finds out she is a real life princess

A woman who was adopted has grown up to find out she is in fact part of a royal family. 

Princess Sarah Culberson, now 46, was adopted by James and Judy Culberson from West Virginia, who had no idea their daughter was royal. 

It was no secret to Princess Sarah that she was adopted but she just wanted to know more about her heritage. 

She eventually tracked down her mother who had unfortunately died a few years prior but this did not stop her curiosity. 

At the age of 28, Sarah hired a private investigator to find her biological father who found an address in Maryland. 

Sarah wrote a letter and sent it to the address and received a call from her uncle instead who asked if she knew who she was.

"Oh Sarah! We are so happy you have been found. Do you know who you are?" she recalled in an interview with UNILAD.

"I'm Sarah,” she said in response. 

"He says, 'You are part of a royal family. Your great-grandfather was a paramount chief, your grandfather was knighted Justice of the Peace by the Queen of England.

"You can be chief someday. You are a princess in this country."Sarah could not believe her ears as her uncle explained that her dad was Joseph Konia Kposowa, a chief in Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa.

He then got in contact with her father who called her up two weeks later asking for forgiveness to which she said was unnecessary as her adopted parents gave her a wonderful upbringing. 

Eventually, Sarah travelled to Sierra Leone where she was welcomed for the Princess that she was. 

"It was beautiful to be welcomed and loved. It was so spectacular,” she said.

Princess Sarah then explained that this unexpected turn of events has given her “purpose” and that she can do a lot to help her community. 

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