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Cadbury confirms new chocolate block rumour

Cadbury confirms new chocolate block rumour

There has been a rumour swirling around on Facebook for days now about a collaboration that involves two of Cadbury's most popular flavours.

And now, it's been confirmed that the rumours were true.

So, yes, it's happening. Cadbury is introducing a new chocolate bar combining two cult flavours: Caramilk and Marble.

And fans are ecstatic, with one saying, "Just shut up and take my money."

The block has a "heavenly blend" of milk chocolate and Caramilk caramelised white chocolate on the outside, and is filled with the delicious hazelnut praline of the Marble chocolate block.

“Cadbury Caramilk and Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble are two of our cult favourites, so combining them both to create a new taste experience is sure to excite chocolate lovers across the country,” Katrina Watson, senior marketing manager for Cadbury, told news.com.au.

“Our chocolate makers have been so excited to work on combining two of our most iconic flavours. We can’t wait to see how Cadbury fans respond when it lands on shelves next month.”

Those with a sweet tooth are excited, with people taking to social media to comment on the new release.

“Shut the front door,” one person commented.

“Gonna need about 25kg of this,” wrote another, while a third joked: “I am now convinced that heaven does exists.”

The new block will be available in major supermarkets from April 12 for $5.