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Cadbury releases mega-size of popular chocolate

Cadbury releases mega-size of popular chocolate

Just when you thought the Cadbury Caramilk chocolate couldn't get any better, the confectioner decides to release a giant version.

The makers of the "golden" treat confirmed to news.com.au it now has a 315g block after a shopper spotted it at their local Woolies store last week.

“Now comes in big blocks,” the fan simply wrote in a Facebook post, alongside a snap of the huge, new treat.

The man's post garnered plenty of attention, attracting hundreds of likes and comments from fellow fans.

“Mother of God!” one person wrote.

“Oh dear lorrdddyyy,” a second person added.

“Dangerous,” said a third, while a fourth wrote, “I’ve already looked – Coles don’t have it yet.”

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The 315g block is currently only available at Woolworths and retails for $6.

“The newest block began to hit shelves in early-April and is available at Woolworths,” a Cadbury spokesperson told news.com.au.

“Cadbury Caramilk is one of Australia’s most loved chocolates due to the heavenly caramelised white chocolate.”

The new size compares to the current 180g family block, which usually costs $5, but is currently on sale for $3.50 at both Woolworths and Coles.

The news comes after Cadbury revealed to news.com.au it has Caramilk Marble - combining the two popular flavours to form one block.

“Cadbury Caramilk and Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble are two of our cult favourites, so combining them both to create a new taste experience is sure to excite chocolate lovers across the country,” Katrina Watson, senior marketing manager for Cadbury, told news.com.au in March.

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