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Dad’s lunchbox note hits back at school lunch critics

Dad’s lunchbox note hits back at school lunch critics

A UK dad has been flooded with praise after he shared his response to teachers criticising the lunch his daughter took to school each day.

Ross Hunt’s daughter began coming home from school upset, after she was told what she should and shouldn’t have in her lunchbox.

“The kids in school have been getting sh*t off one of the dinner ladies for eating non-healthy foods,” he explained in a TikTok that has since gone viral.

“Oh, don’t eat that. Eat your sandwich. Oh, you shouldn’t have that.”

When Isabelle was left not wanting to take her own food to school at all, Ross decided to do something about it.

He printed a label to stick to the top of her lunchbox asking “nosy” teachers to look inside, where he placed a note addressing their concerns and a photo of Isabelle.

“Welcome to Isabelle’s lunch box!” the note reads. “We are aware of the content of this box and are happy for Isabelle to eat whatever she wants.”

He also shared a previous version of the note that said, “Step away from the lunch box you nosy f***ing a*** bandit”.

But, his wife crossed it out, fearing Isabelle would be in trouble for it.

Ross Hunt hit back at criticisms from teachers about the contents of his daughter’s lunchbox with a note dedicated to “nosy” teachers. Images: @Teddyevascents (TikTok)

Though Ross was tempted to fill the lunchbox with treats, he sent her to school with fruit, chips and one piece of chocolate.

He hopes teachers will take a step back and let parents decide what their children eat - and many have echoed his sentiment.

“Give them a chance with the first label. If it doesn’t change … label two,” one mum commented.

“I work in a school and have this argument often. I would rather a child ate and was full than lots of ‘healthy’ foods they won’t eat,” a teacher wrote.

Meanwhile, others pointed out the hypocritical nature of the teachers’ comments, considering the unhealthy options often served at school.

“It’s a nightmare, they promote healthy eating but my child comes home saying they had pizza and chips and some cake so which part of that is healthy,” one parent shared.

“Worked in a school which served cake but we had to confiscate a penguin bar from a kid’s lunchbox as it’s not allowed, crazy,” another said.

Some weren’t as impressed with Ross’ antics and expressed their concern for Isabelle’s future health.

“Well cursing is a bad example for your kid but well she will decide in the future how to talk to you and she will have health problems,” one person commented.

Others praised how petty the label was, with Ross agreeing he could be “next-level petty”.

Images: @Teddyevascents (TikTok)

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