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Bunnings $2 Christmas hack goes viral

Bunnings $2 Christmas hack goes viral

Nifty shoppers have taken to social media to show how one clothing item from Bunnings can be used for a cheap and easy holiday hack.

Those with patience and the willingness to try can make a glowing snowflake using a 12-pack of Hager’s for $2 or a “heavy duty” 15-pack for $8.80.

“My coat hanger snowflake. Took a while and lots of cable ties but got there in the end,” one woman posted in the Facebook group Bunnings Mums.

Another woman revealed she spent $8 for 20 coat hangers and $2.50 for a 100-pack of cable ties to make her very own glowing snowflake.

“Jungle bell battery lights $8. I used 2 packs. Kinda want more on it haha,” she wrote, adding that for her first go she is pretty happy with it.

Another shopper posted in the group Bunnings Mums, Inspiration, Hacks, Tips And Tricks, and left other members stunned by her “awesome” job.

“These are so beautiful,” one person wrote.

“That is so clever!!” another added.

A third wrote: “Wow these look awesome.”

The woman revealed that to make the glowing snowflake, she used small cable ties and 16 hangers.

To make it glow, she used Kmart solar powered LED lights which cost $5.

It comes as little to no surprise that people are choosing to make their own decorations for the Christmas season.

Independent research carried out by Antenna Insights on behalf of Bunnings showed that almost half of Aussies – 49 per cent – will make their own 2020 decorations.