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Surprised mum discovers "weird" creature in home

Surprised mum discovers "weird" creature in home

An Aussie mum was left very confused after spotting a bizarre "creature" in her home.

She posted on the popular Facebook page Mums Who Clean, asking for help identifying the creature.

“Does anyone know what this weird-looking creature is please?” she wrote on the Mums Who Clean page.

Many thought it was a stingray.

“Not gonna lie, I thought it was a mini stingray at first glance!” said one.

Added another: “Go home stingray, you’re drunk!”

Luckily, a pest controller on the page provided info as to what it is.

“Pest controller here!” said one.

“It looks weird, I’ll admit! But it’s nothing concerning, simply the dropped tail from a broad-tailed gecko (Phyllurus platurus).

“They throw the tail off to act as a decoy when threatened.”

Many were surprised after learning the truth.

“Well you learn something new every day,” said one. “I’m Australian, and in 45 years I have never seen a gecko that looks like that and thank God, because I would literally **** my pants!”

Wrote another: “I would be more worried that the tail has been dropped, because where the hell is the gecko?

“Just move houses, it’s safest that way!”

Photo credits: 7news