$30 ALDI buy sparks viral debate over old wives' tale

$30 ALDI buy sparks viral debate over old wives' tale

A woman has accidentally sparked a passionate debate on social media after sharing a controversial "gift idea" from ALDI - a cheap set of knives.

Angela Joyce Frost took to Facebook group Aldi Mums to share her excitement over a bargain set of knives she purchased for $30.

She posted a photo of the Crofton six-piece knife set with sharpener and wrote: "Brought this knife block set at Aldi today. So impressed how nice it is for only $29.99! Great for a gift idea."

The shopper said she thought it would make for a perfect housewarming gift, however the suggestion quickly divided critics.

"Bite me if you like, but you don't give knives as gifts, they cut the friendship or bond. (old wives tale)," one ALDI fan wrote.

The conversation instantly shifted to be around the legitimacy of the old superstition, with critics clashing in the comments section.

"Don't give knives as presents. Bad luck. You will cut the connection," another Aldi fan wrote.

"Yes! I was just going to say the same. Twice, people have given our family lovely knives and both times the friendship got cut off," another claimed, with a fourth agreeing: "Well this explains the demise of a 6 year relationship after some $400 knives."

These anecdotes weren't enough to satisfy some skeptics though, with one critic writing: "Good to see superstitions and old wives tales are alive and well in 2021".

"A good friend gifted us a knife set and we are still happily married after 12 years/17 years together!" another Facebook user stated.

"I gave my husband a set of knives years ago when we were just dating... when does this bad connection happen? He'd be keen to know," another wrote, followed by laughing emojis.

A third asked: "What kind of sorcery do you believe in if giving a gift causes doom and gloom?"

But there was a third group of people who believed they had found a solution to the knife-giving fallout. "No, if you put a coin with it, it removes the spell," one critic explained in the viral thread.

"My dad wouldn't even give me his good butcher knife. I had to give him $1.00," another agreed, with a third weighing in: "If you give knives as a gift you have to give a coin with it. Its [sic] meant to stop the bad luck. Another old wives tale."

Needless to say, the superstition had some users concerned.

"My husband just gave me a set of Japanese chef knives for our 6 year wedding anniversary."