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Bride-to-be throws fit over engagement ring

Bride-to-be throws fit over engagement ring

A bride-to-be has slammed her fiancé for the hideous engagement ring he proposed with despite her explaining which one she wanted.

The woman vented her frustration in a Facebook group explaining how she tried hard not to hate the ring.

She then shared two images - one of the ring she was given, and another of the $8,859 mint sapphire ring she wanted.

“I was very excited for the proposal, then this thing came out of the box,” her post read.

“First thing I said was ‘omg that's massive’. I didn't like it at all but I spent a few hours trying not to hate it so much.”

To make matters worse, the sizing of the ring was completely wrong to the point where it got stuck on her finger.

This might have been a sign as the bride-to-be had to be taken to hospital to have the ring cut from her finger. 

“The pegs were trying to cut me at every opportunity, and it was way too tight. I did get measured, twice, and I sent him my measurements from every country, but the jeweller f****d up still.” she continued in her rant. 

“I'm devastated and crying. He can't get me another ring because it won't be possible before the wedding. I'll never be engaged for real.” 

She asked other group members to make her laugh but instead they advised her to reconsider the relationship after not getting what she asked for. 

"Sounds like you are compromising a lot and not getting any of what you want in return. Postpone the wedding. Don't do it this way. If he isn't even listening or caring now... well.. I speak from experience and a divorce,' one woman said.

“This was obviously important to you and if he can’t listen and respect you enough to do this right it sounds like there might be bigger issues at play,' one person wrote. 

“Would you consider postponing the wedding for a while. Is this a one off? The fact that he didn’t listen to what you had expressed you would like to receive doesn’t bode well. I get he may have been coming from a place of well meaning but you told him exactly what you would like and he totally disregarded it. Please don’t rush into marriage,” another suggested.

“If you still feel this is the man you want to spend your life with tell him you would like a long engagement with the ring of your choice and if he can’t respect that then you have a pretty good idea of what you are getting in to,” someone else commented.

The woman was not having any of it and replied to the comments in defence of her future husband. 

“In general he's amazing. I genuinely thought I'm going to get a beautiful ring. I was actually in shock how bad it is because I never saw it coming,” she began.

“I also blame the jeweller a lot more than him, I mean I'm sad he didn't get me the one I wanted as it is for sale but the jeweller did everyone dirty the most in this scenario.” 

She also revealed that they eventually went shopping together and purchased a new ring. 

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