Morning show hosts forced to awkwardly explain why they’re not social distancing

Morning show hosts forced to awkwardly explain why they’re not social distancing

Social distancing measures in the UK amid the coronavirus pandemic has become a new normal for people.

However, viewers of The Morning show have forced the programme’s hosts to explain why they are not sitting six feet apart.

In a clip posted to their Twitter page, Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford explained why fans should not be worried about their close proximity to each other.

“For anyone who's worried, @EamonnHolmes and @RuthieeL are actually married in real life, so it's safe for them to sit close to each other in the studio,” the show wrote in the caption.

“If you're maybe new to watching This Morning because you're on lockdown...we are allowed to sit this close to each other because we're married, we live in the same house,” Ruth said. 

However, some fans did not approve of the reasons given by the show’s host, with one person writing: “They should be setting example saying 2 meters apart not everyone know this very shameful this needs to change asap.”

Others believed it was still important for Ruth and Eamonn to follow the social distancing guidelines, however some questioned how people could not know the hosts were married.

Eamonn spoke on the show after their twitter clip made waves online, saying: “With regard to social distancing, don't bother phoning in and saying 'why are these two together' because we are together all day in the house, we live together.

“And in case a lot of you don't know this, we actually do live together.”

Ruth added in: “Some people think it's a fake marriage darling, it's a TV marriage.”

Eamonn and Ruth both regularly present the morning TV show side by side, have been married for ten years and share an 18-year-old son together.