Prince Charles “deeply hurt” and seeking comfort in Camilla

Prince Charles “deeply hurt” and seeking comfort in Camilla

Prince Charles is said to be “deeply hurt” by his youngest son and his wife over their sit-down Oprah interview.

However not all hope is lost, as reports say the heir is keen on mending his broken relationship with Prince Harry.

The world tuned in when Meghan and Harry sat down with Oprah to share their experiences in being a part of the royal family.

In the two hour interview, Prince Harry revealed his father stopped taking his calls when they decided to step down from their roles as senior royals and also claimed his brother and dad are“trapped” in the institution.

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Despite what was painted as a fractured relationship, reports have stated that Prince Charles has plans to contact his son in the coming weeks to try and smooth things over.

“You are looking at a father who is deeply hurt by where he finds his relationship with his son,” a friend told the Daily Mail.

“But, after much reflection, he also realises that nothing good will come of prolonging the fight.

“He feels it is time to heal. Now is the time to mend a broken relationship.”

The prince is reportedly being comforted by his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, who "just wants it fixed".

Reports stated last week that Prince Charles was “in despair” over the interview where Meghan and Harry said they were cut off financially, Archie’s skin colour was made a concern before his birth, and the pressures and control the couple felt while working for The Firm.

Meghan was also candid about her mental health, admitting to Oprah that there were days where she “just wanted to die”.