Richard Wilkins and son Christian bare all in rare interview

Richard Wilkins and son Christian bare all in rare interview

Richard Wilkins and his son Christian have opened up on their close bond in a rare interview.

Christian, 25, made his way into the hearts of Australia when he competed on Dancing with the Stars and placed second.

He is the youngest son of Richard, 66, and shares a close bond with his father as they are so alike.

"I would say that Dad and I are very similar,” Christian admitted.

“We share a lot of the same viewpoints. And the ones we don't share, we're very good at challenging each other as to how we can think in different ways without ever making the other person feel uncomfortable.

"We both push each other. And I think people would be very surprised at how much we both look at each other for support in terms of life, love and career. We are very much there for each other."

Christian is one of five children, and follows behind Adam, Nicholas and Rebecca. The four siblings also share a little sister, Estella, who is 16.

"I appreciate we all have different mums," says Christian, whose mother, Michelle Burke, is wife number three.

"But we've never used the terms half or step or whatever sibling."

"We're all just each other's siblings and we love being in each other's lives. I never came out traditionally to my parents; I never said it as I never felt any need to. But my siblings were always so supportive of my sexuality. And because of that, it allowed me to feel able to be completely me."

Richard has his own personal sentiments about his children, saying they are “the best thing I’ve ever done.”


"I've got five kids and I love them to bits. I'm enormously proud of each of them and supportive, protective and, hopefully, loving. I'm being the best father that I know how to be. And I'm certainly a much better dad now than I was when my first child was born."