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Readers respond: What responsibilities did you have at home when you were young?

Readers respond: What responsibilities did you have at home when you were young?

We asked our readers what responsibilities they had at home when they were young and the responses were nothing short of surprising. 

From looking after younger siblings to having dinner ready because both parents were at work, here are just some of your awesome responses.

Bernadette Heckford - Everything as my mother had seven kids. Being the eldest girl you helped her do chores. Taught me how to care for my home.

Denise McGoldrick - We lived on a farm so when we got home from school we had to feed the pigs, ducks and chooks, cut up wood for the combustion stove, usually just splinters until we were old enough to do the big stuff. Only when our chores were finished we were allowed to watch TV for an hour, then bath, dinner, washing dishes and bed at 7.30pm. Also had to keep our rooms tidy and make our beds before leaving for school and have our uniforms and shoes ready the night before. Our Dad was an Army man, so was big on preparation. Still got my clothes ready the night before, so I am not running late.

Peggy Czajka Bowser - Both parents worked so I had to prepare and get dinner ready for mum to cook, look after my little brother, do my own washing from the age of 12 and sometimes wash the whole family’s washing on weekends as well. Shopping, ironing, cleaning the floors, cut grass, general everyday cleaning of my room and put up with three painful lazy brothers as well. 

Diane Jack - Collect the eggs, bring in the wood my brother had chopped, set the table and do my homework.

Gill Holman - Youngest of five and we all had chores. My dad even taught my brothers to sew on buttons and darn socks which he had learned to do in the RAF. We all learnt skills for life.

Charlie Hedges - Keeping my room clean, helping to clean all common rooms, laundry, ironing, setting the table for meals, clearing and washing dishes, tending to my younger sibs, lawn mowing and raking leaves in the fall, anything else my parents asked. Our "payment" for family chores was a roof over our heads, food, basic wardrobe. If we wanted more we needed to find gainful employment outside of home.

Kaye Whitbread - Helping Mum in the house. I was the only girl. Brothers did nothing.

Judy Bagatella - I was responsible for all my five brothers and sisters. Washing up, taking them to the park ect. My parents had to both work. I didn't mind at all. When I was 19 though I moved away.

Georgina Johnson - Keeping our room tidy and clean, helping prepare meals, ironing, chopping wood, and anything else that mum needed help with around the place. Also mowing the lawns with a hand mower. 

Petra Harris - To begin with, mum and dad had a servo open from 6am for five to six days a week so after school I usually went home (I was around 12) and started the evening meal prep. Other times I learnt to pump petrol and to get pocket money to go to the pictures. I ran a carpark for patrons of the footy club across the road. Then the parents bought a coffee lounge so when not at school I worked there before and after school and Saturday mornings, no pay/pocket money. Then I decided I would like a job and earn real money and the oldies were not impressed. I didn't resent my parents because they taught me good work ethic.

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