Thu, 29 Apr, 2021

Thief breaks into home of family who lost three kids in crash tragedy

Thief breaks into home of family who lost three kids in crash tragedy

A family who lost their three children in a horror car crash in February of 2020 have been robbed by a masked intruder in broad daylight.

Leila Abdallah lost Anthony, Angelina and Sienna, who all died when a drunk and drugged driver ran them over in Oatlands.

Now, she and her husband Danny have been hit with another blow after reports claim the mother was at her home in Telopea when a masked intruder broke inside at around 11:45 am on Wednesday.

Ms Abdallah was standing in the kitchen looking at photos of her children when she saw the perpetrator near the front door.

He was holding a bag and other belongings but quickly fled when she confronted him.

CCTV caught the man wearing black track pants and a dark blue hoodie.

He was recorded running away from the house and hopping into a white Audi S3 Sedan.

The man, who had an accomplice driver, had taken jewellery, handbags and other possessions from the upstairs bedrooms.

Ms Abdallah told reporters that while the material value of the possessions was not important, some of the stolen items had sentimental value linked to her children.

“He took a watch, but it’s not about the watch. This watch reminds me of me and Angelina walking to the store to buy this watch. So it’s a bit sentimental for us, and invading our privacy,” she said.

“God’s watching him, God knows who he is,” Ms Abdallah went on to say, calling on the man to listen to his conscience.

Ms Abdallah says the man may have taken an iPhone that belonged to her late son Anthony.

The robber is believed to possibly have been inside for 10 minutes ransacking the bedrooms.

Police are calling on the man and the driver of the Audi to turn themselves in, saying the Abdallahs have had to face horror after horror since losing their three children and their cousin Veronique Sakr.

“In the last 12 months, the victims of the Telopea incident have endured an incredible ordeal,” Detective Superintendent Darryl Jobson, Cumberland area police commander said on Thursday.

“And I appeal to the conscience of the people responsible for this crime to hand themselves in to the police, and I also appeal to them to return the property of those victims.”

The intruder is described as being Caucasian, skinny, about 183 centimetres tall, aged in his 20s and with light hair.

The Audi’s registration plates read as EGJ-56M, and is thought to have been stolen from North Rocks earlier this week.

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