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Clever mum shares the ultimate laundry hack for clean sheets

Clever mum shares the ultimate laundry hack for clean sheets

Aussie mum Dina Santos has been sharing handy home hints and tricks over on her popular Instagram page.

Her latest is a little-known hack of adding salt and baking soda to each load of white sheets or clothes to help them keep their bright white colour. The home stylist also recommends not overloading the drum and putting whites on a warm-wash so they come out as fresh and clean as ever.

"Put all your whites in the washing compartment making sure you never overload," she wrote in the clip.

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Dina said to make sure to put washing liquids or powder in the right compartment in the detergent drawer as per the machine's instructions.

She used a laundry pod and scent boosters that go straight into the drum along with her bed linen.

“Add two full teaspoons of baking soda and two of salt flakes (I swear ladies, this work miracles and your whites come out beautifully),” the mum-of-two suggested.

Dina's clip racked up thousands of views and hundreds of comments from many of her followers thankful for the sharing the clever hacks.

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